1 year project – Work in Progress – 8 people

Nejd is a third person exploration game. The player interact with a flying intelligent creature that will become his mount in order to help him find out about an open world. Through experimentation and narration, the player learns to communicate with it, which will allow them to resolve enigmas and go on on the discovery of a mystic and unknown world.

The environment is mainly the work of Marie Magny and Pierre Mervaillie.

morphing process

I’m in charge of some of the Concept Art, 2D frescoes, 3D modelling, rigging, skinning and animation.

Here’s the rest of the team :

Mathieu marie pierre PJ gautier ugo

maxresdefault (2)

3 month internship – Turbo Tape Games – 3D Environment Art

Warhammer Arcana Magic is a released top view strategy game based on the famous license for tablets. My mission was to create new environments for the game with two other students. I made some of the 3D assets, some of the textures, and Unity integration.

Here are the two other students I work with :
Chloé Ravallec
Romane Govin

portfolio_RightTime2D  portfolio_holyshit    aiko